In order for Casper365 to deploy a Triple Chasm Assessment into your tenants SharePoint an App Catalog is required and the Casper365 Service Account user needs to be set as an Administrator on the App Catalog.

Please follow the steps below to setup the App Catalog, these can only be performed by an Admin within your Office 365 Tenant, if you are not an admin you will not be able to complete the steps.

1. Browse to the SharePoint Admin Portal Apps page 

          a. Either enter your Tenant name in this URL
https://[Your Company]

          b. Or from the SharePoint Admin portal menu, select "Classic SharePoint Admin center" then "apps"

2. Select App Catalog link

3. Ensure Create a new app catalog site is selected, then click OK

4. Complete the form:

        a. Enter a site title e.g App Catalog

        b. Enter a web address e.g. AppCatalog

        c. Select Language and Time Zone

        d. Set the Administrator as Casper365 Service Account

        e. Click OK

5. The creation of the App Catalog site will now start, please wait 30 minutes before continuing on the Triple Chasm portal.